Another Unhappy Republican

>> Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another unhappy Republican was so upset with my comment on his post, he made a post addressed directly to me of which he titled, Wake Up Bob. He even added a picture of some guy with his head buried in the sand. I'm thinking he posed for that picture personally. Because he goes by the name Lot2Learn, I ended my comment to his post with the phrase " Lot2Learn really does have a lot to learn". Apparently this was enough for him to dedicate an entire post to me. So I'll return the favor. In his post he suggests that I'm living in a kool-aid induced wonderland and even goes so far as to call me and all other people who support Obama, Zombies. He also says he can only imagine that in my mind that Obama and our government should make all decisions for us, feed us, clothe us, keep us healthy and give us a job. Wrong! Lot2Learn has a big imagination and a lot to learn. I believe Obama is doing what he has to do to fix the worst recession since the great depression that he inherited from the Bush administration. I believe Bush was the one who coined the phrase "I'm the decider". Obama doesn't want to make my decisions, he wants to make the Presidents decisions. Obama doesn't want to feed us or clothe us, he wants to give us the ability to feed and clothe ourselves. Obama doesn't want to keep us healthy, he just wants every American to have affordable health insurance. If you can't understand that then maybe you are the one who is a Zombie. In his post he also says that a President should represent all Americans, not just the far left. Isn't that what Bush did? He only represented the far right. Whether Republicans realize it or not, Obama is representing all Americans. Just because he raised the taxes on people making over $250,000 a year, greedy Republicans are crying because they might lose a few dollars. Then he goes on to remind me and all the other Zombies who support Obama that this is the greatest nation on earth, and what our fathers and grandfathers, and great grandfathers fought for, and lets remember the men and women that stand watch for you 24 hours a day so that you can be free. Lots2Learn, I don't need you to remind me, I never forget that, but if we don't let our government regulate some of those freedoms we will lose them to the rich conservatives who want nothing more than to control our government. Lot2Learn, your nickname is really appropriate because you really did miss something.


Michael Jackson's Untimely Death

>> Friday, June 26, 2009

It seems everyone is blogging about Michael Jackson's untimely death, so I might as well weigh in with my thoughts as well. I am saddened that the king of pop has died so young. I loved his music, especially Thriller, Billy Jean and Beat It. I hated what he did with his plastic surgery and I think that he was very good looking before he started changing his face. To Michael Jackson, thank you for sharing your music with the world. All your fans will miss you and remember you through your music.


I Had An Accident Today

>> Saturday, June 20, 2009

I had an accident today that could have been avoided if I had been watching my 16 month old son better. I let my son go upstairs while I followed behind him making sure he didn't fall. But after we were upstairs for only a minute, I took my eyes off him for maybe 5 seconds which was long enough for him to make his way back to the stairway where when I saw him, he was getting ready to take a step down, so I ran as fast as I could to try and stop him from falling down the stairs and by the time I reached him he was already stepping down and beginning to fall. I was running so fast I couldn't stop and ended up tumbling over his head while pulling him back. I continued tumbling all the way down the stairs while my son tumbled down after me landing on top of me. Fortunately he wasn't injured but I ended up with a few bumps, scrapes and bruises and a broken toe that was sticking straight out sideways. I had to go to the hospital to get it set back into place today. Now I'm sitting here with a broken toe, thanking God that my son is OK. I have learned a valuable lesson, which is never take my son out of my site if there is a danger of him getting hurt or injured.


Information Entrecard Droppers Should Know

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

I have some information Entrecard Droppers should know. Using EC is a great tool to get visitors to come to your site. But one thing EC doesn't do is to get the visitors to stay and read your post. This can be a problem if most of your visitors are just staying a few seconds which is long enough to make a drop and then leave. If you want to know how long visitors are staying at your website, you need to find out the bounce rate of your site. You can get the bounce rate by using google analytics. I was surprized to find out my bounce rate is 91 %, which means 91% percent of my visitors are just staying long enough to make a EC drop, then leaving. That is why I made this post today. I'm hoping that when all you EC droppers read the title of this post you will stay long enough to read it and lower my bounce rate. I know now that Entrecard can bring you visitors, but if you have nothing interesting to make people stay, then they will just leave and continue dropping other sites. In the future I hope I can find more interesting topics for my visitors to read.


The Red Wings Lost

>> Friday, June 12, 2009

The Red Wings lost a chance to win the Stanley Cup Friday when the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated them. Thanks to the officials, the Pens scored there first goal when they made a two line pass and the officials failed to call it, as a result the the Pens scored a goal. Then Brad Stuart of the Red Wings made a bad pass that hit a Penguins skate which resulted in a giveaway and another goal. The wings scored one goal but could never find the Pens net again. Thanks to the officials and Brad Stuart, The Red Wings lost. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins on winning the Stanley Cup.


President Obama's plan

>> Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Newt Gingrich who was forced from the house in disgrace 10 years ago was hoping to rally support for a potential Presidential run in 2012, said in a speech Monday to 2000 Republican loyalists "President Obama's plan to fix the economy through stimulus spending and government intervention to boost companies like General Motors has "already failed." Sorry Newt, but the only thing Obama has failed at doing so far is rallying support from Republicans for his attempts to save this economy from going into a depression. I say, You can't fix an economy in 6 months that took 8 years for the Bush administration to destroy. Newt also said "Bureaucrats managing companies does not work, politicians dominating the economy does not work" Who the hell made Newt Gingrinch an expert on what works to help the economy? Newt also said "I am not a citizen of this world" making an attempt to show he disagrees with Obama's statement " I am a citizen of this world". Who the f*** cares Newt Gingrinch? Most of us wish you were not a citizen of this United States as well because you are fighting against helping the United States improve this economy. Newt Gingrich if you're hoping to be elected President in 2012, you have already failed, just as you have failed to help the United States fix our economy. Same goes to Palin. Obama will fix this economy and will go on to be President until 2016.


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