Bad Economy In The United States

>> Monday, March 9, 2009

I was watching the news today and heard that the world's economic loss from this recession were in, totals more than 50 trillion dollars. That is money that is lost for good. This shows that not only is the U.S. suffering with this bad economy, but everyone is world wide. Then I started thinking, have we hit bottom yet? When will this downturn stop? I know the answer to this, but I don't exactly know when it's going to happen. This economy will start to improve when people with secure jobs start spending again. By spending, I mean buying big ticket items like cars & trucks, major appliances, furniture and so on. Come on people, if you have a secure job, don't just save your money in a bank, you need to spend it now. If everyone saves their money waiting for this economy to improve, you'll have a long wait and maybe your secure job will be lost to. This bad economy needs investors, that's why the Obama administration has invested our tax dollars in this economy and that's why everyone with extra money just sitting in the bank needs to go out and spend a little of it to give our economy a boost. Some say (mostly republicans) that we should do nothing and the economy will fix itself. That is total BS. If we do nothing this world will see a great depression that will make the last great depression look like a small recession. That's my opinion and I'm sure there many who disagree with me (most of them being republican). So I say, if you have any negative comments to leave, save your time, because I won't accept them.


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