I need to lighten up a little bit

>> Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you've read some of my post in this blog lately, you probably would think that I take politics way to seriously. You would be right. I really do need to lighten up a little bit. But I do enjoy debating the issues and ranting about things that bother me because the Republican views and policies really get me going sometimes. I suppose putting up with 8 years of Bush and his policies is the reason. But then even after all the mistakes Bush made, most Republicans still can't admit Bush did anything wrong. Anyway I promise to be more civil to the visitors who comment on my post in the future. But I will continue to moderate all comments to weed out the nasty, the insulting and the comments that are too long.

But I hear it all the time, the Democrats are anti-war because most of us saw through Bush's and Cheney's lies and were against the war in Iraq from the start, or that we don't support the troops because we're against the war in Iraq, I will always support my troops, or that we want to abolish all gun rights because some Democrats wanted to make assault weapons illegal, or that we are all Socialist because we want a level and fair playing field for the middle class, or that we are murderers because we are for abortion, but I'm one Democrat that is against abortion, or that we are a bunch of tree hugging animal rights activist. Not me, I couldn't care less about the polar bears in Alaska or the Arctic Circle or the alligators in Florida, kill them all if you want. I do care about the people of my country first and the rest of the world second. I believe if the Democrats were not fighting for the middle class and the poor, the rich would have complete control of our government and country by now. Then we would have two majority classes the rich and the poor, then the middle class would be a minority, which would be fine for most Republicans. Tell me I'm wrong and why.


Harrison April 19, 2009 at 9:10 AM  

"Cap and trade" will do far more to damage the "non-rich" than any other policy proposed recently. Obama is for that. It will place an unfair tax upon Blue Collar workers in poorer states that produce more CO2. It will raise the cause of energy nationwide and we all know that the lower your income the higher percentage of it you will pay in a flat tax.

Bob April 19, 2009 at 1:39 PM  

Harrison-I can't argue that point. Hopefully Obama will ease some of the requirements of his proposed Cap and Trade proposal. I never said Obama was perfect, but even with his proposed Cap and Trade program, he is still trying to help by making the air we breath cleaner. Cleaner air means we are healthier, which will lower health care cost eventually. I think he should hold off on the Cap and Trade though, till at least our economy improves.

askcherlock April 20, 2009 at 10:54 AM  

People are too quick to use sweeping generalizations like Democrats are pro-abortion or anti-war. Though we are Democrats, we are individuals with some similar thoughts and others which may lean just a bit to the Right or center. People are multi-faceted and have many opinions. My blood boils, though, when someone like Limbaugh says he wants our President--and his--to fail, then self-corrected and stated he only wants his programs to fail. That's one reason I love the logo you have here! The middle class needs to be raised in stature so that the wealthy no longer dominate all policies. That being said, I do believe the UAW needs to step back and think about how they may feel if they end up in the unemployment line if they do not acquiesce on some of their demands. These are new times and we must adjust. They need to get with it.

Bob April 20, 2009 at 7:26 PM  

askcherlock - I agree with everything you say. The union needs to make all the concessions that are required to keep the auto companies competitive till the economy is good again, then they can go back to the table and ask for some things back.

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