House Centipede

>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have you ever seen this bug in your house before? I have and so has my wife. The first time I saw this bug it ran real fast across my living room floor and it scared the shit out of me, (not literally). Anyway, I did a search on the Internet to find out what this scary bug is. I found out it is called a House Centipede. It is supposedly harmless as a spider but they can still bite you, although I never heard of anyone getting bitten by one. Apparently they eat other insects just like spiders do and they like moist areas such as damp basements and crawlspaces. I happen to have a crawlspace, so that's where my problem is. I only see a few running through my living room every year, so I guess I can handle that. But I'd rather exterminate them along with the spiders I see every so often.


No PageRank information available

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

I wrote a post about page rank before but I'm starting to get a little impatient waiting for Google to rank my site. I still have no page rank information available. Why can't Google rank my site and give me at least a 0 rank? I noticed my wife's blog which was ranked 3 by Google yesterday, has no page rank information available. Why would her site suddenly have no page rank information available when just yesterday it had a page rank 3? I think if Google wants to keep it's credibility, they better do a better job in crawling sites that are verified sites. Google has already lost credibility with me. Please don't give me any more advice on how to increase my rank with Google, I need advice on how to get ranked by Google period.


11 Month Old Mauled To Death By Pit Bull

>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

While watching the news today, I saw a news report about a 11 month old boy in Eastpointe, Michigan who was mauled to death by the family dog. The parents were on the bed and the child was playing in the room when the family pit bull came in and attacked the child. The father got a gun and shot and killed the dog to stop the attack, by then it was to late for the little baby boy.

It seems like I hear about these pit bull attacks all the time. Where is your brains if you own one of these vicious dogs and have young children in the home? Maybe not all pit bulls are going to attack people but certainly it does happen. Are you willing to risk the life of your child or someone else because you believe the chance of your pit bull becoming vicious is too remote? I'm sure these parents are mourning the death of their child, but I think they should be charged with man slaughter for putting their young child at risk, and what were they doing on the bed while their baby was playing in the room? I'm thinking child neglect as well.

Owning pit bulls should be banned everywhere in my opinion because owners can't be trusted to use proper judgement in handling pit bulls that are very dangerous and unpredictable. If you want a nice dog that scares people without being unpredictable, get a German Shepherd or a Great Dain. Don't put children at risk of death or injury from pit bulls.


New Blog Template

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

I welcome all my visitors to my new blog template. Maybe you thought this is a new blog, but not so. My wife finally convinced me to try a new template, so today I finally gave in and agreed to let her change it for me. The only thing I did was approve the template design she found and a little touch-up afterward. Anyway, let me know what you think of my new template and I welcome any suggestions you might have.


I need to lighten up a little bit

>> Saturday, April 18, 2009

If you've read some of my post in this blog lately, you probably would think that I take politics way to seriously. You would be right. I really do need to lighten up a little bit. But I do enjoy debating the issues and ranting about things that bother me because the Republican views and policies really get me going sometimes. I suppose putting up with 8 years of Bush and his policies is the reason. But then even after all the mistakes Bush made, most Republicans still can't admit Bush did anything wrong. Anyway I promise to be more civil to the visitors who comment on my post in the future. But I will continue to moderate all comments to weed out the nasty, the insulting and the comments that are too long.

But I hear it all the time, the Democrats are anti-war because most of us saw through Bush's and Cheney's lies and were against the war in Iraq from the start, or that we don't support the troops because we're against the war in Iraq, I will always support my troops, or that we want to abolish all gun rights because some Democrats wanted to make assault weapons illegal, or that we are all Socialist because we want a level and fair playing field for the middle class, or that we are murderers because we are for abortion, but I'm one Democrat that is against abortion, or that we are a bunch of tree hugging animal rights activist. Not me, I couldn't care less about the polar bears in Alaska or the Arctic Circle or the alligators in Florida, kill them all if you want. I do care about the people of my country first and the rest of the world second. I believe if the Democrats were not fighting for the middle class and the poor, the rich would have complete control of our government and country by now. Then we would have two majority classes the rich and the poor, then the middle class would be a minority, which would be fine for most Republicans. Tell me I'm wrong and why.


Comment on a conservative's blog

>> Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recently I left a negative comment on a conservative jerk's blog that I won't name for fear I might give him more publicity than he deserves. Boy was that a mistake! Not only did I get pummeled with follow up comments from the site's owner criticising my grammar and spelling, but also his wife joined in on slandering me as well. Then all his devoted followers(who are obviously all Republicans) started doing the same. I thought that by leaving a negative comment about my displeasure with his most recent post, I would possibly make him realize how childish he is by posting the picture that he had there. I was wrong, not only is he childish, but so is all of his Republican friends as well. Here is a message to all Republicans. Obama is your president, get over it. You lost and the Democrats won. Stop acting like little children who lost a ball game and then taking your ball and going home. Its time for all Americans to stand together and get this country back to the way it was before Bush was president. Stop trying to hinder every step the Democrats take in trying to fix a broken economy that was given to us by the Bush administration. Of course I know telling this to Republicans is like talking to a wall. They will never admit they were wrong or made mistakes because that would mean they have to be honest, one thing most Republicans have trouble with. One more thing , my spelling, punctuation and grammar might not always be perfect, but at least I get my point across. Every time a Republican doesn't like what you say, instead of arguing the point, they would rather point out the mistakes in grammar and spelling to make you look bad. So what! if I said "your" when I should have said "you're". They know what I'm trying to say. From now on, when I have something negative to say about a conservative's post, I will do it here on my blog where I can control the content. Democrats rule, long live the Democrats!


President Obama is Tough on Terrorism

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

Anyone who doubted President Obama would be tough on terrorism, can now relax and put their doubts aside. Obama has proven he is going to be tough on terrorism on Easter when he gave orders to use deadly force against the pirates who kidnapped an American captain and demanded a one million dollar ransom. The Navy Seals used snipers to pick off three of the pirates while the US Navy ship was towing the lifeboat back out to sea. The Somali pirates now know that if they try to hijack any more US ships, they won't be paid any ransoms and they put their lives at risk from the US Navy. I haven't heard any criticism from the conservatives who are always quick to criticize anything Obama does, because they know Obama did the right thing. I don't expect I will hear any praise for Obama's decision coming from the far right either. Finally I can be proud to be an American, something that was hard for me to be when Bush was in office.


Detroit Comes Alive For A Few Days

>> Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Detroit was alive for a few days because it hosted the NCAA Final Four. Now its back to normal. Normal for Detroit means only a few people walking the downtown streets. The only time Detroit comes alive is during special events. Detroit isn't like other big cities such as Chicago or New York. Chicago and New York are alive every day. They have thousands of pedestrians walking around their downtown everyday. They don't need special events to bring a little life to their cities. They already have life every day. I think Detroit is dieing a slow death. I've watched it go downhill ever since the riots in 1968. People started moving into the suburbs to get away from the high crime rate. The crime rate has stayed the same and in some cases has even gotten worse, so Detroit's population keeps declining every year. Some say Detroit needs mass transit like Chicago and New York has. But I think mass transit is a result of a thriving city. Not a thriving city is a result of mass transit. I don't think there is any magic pill that will help Detroit. Maybe if the crime rate would go down. But that would require more police in a city that can't even afford to pay the police force they have now. I live about 5 miles outside Detroit, so I'm a little concerned that Detroit's problems might start becoming my city's problem as well. Hopefully I can sell my house this year and move to the Philippines with my wife and son. The last one out of Detroit, please turn out the lights.


Michigan State vs North Carolina for NCAA Championsip

>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

Michigan State meets North Carolina Monday, April 6 and the winner will be the NCAA Basketball Champions. Both teams played each other back on Dec. 3 and North Carolina was the clear winner with a final score of 98-63. You can't get beat much worse than that. But the Spartans are playing like a different team now and they have won the last 3 games in which they were labeled the underdog. North Carolina is favored to win based on their season stats 33-4, while Michigan State's season stats are 31-6, so again Michigan State is the underdog, but I believe the Spartans will win, just because they can. So I'm making this post to prove I predicted the winner in advance, he-he-he. Care to make a bet? Anyway if Michigan State doesn't win, I can always delete this post, lol. But they will.
Update: Michigan State 72 North Carolina 89 )-: Ok they didn't win, but at least they made it to the final two. Way to go Spartans, you rock!


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